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A response to ‘Planning for the Future’

by | Nov 22, 2020

As a collective of leading professional advisers with extensive experience of working with a wide range of stakeholders – public and private, corporate and community, landowners and financiers – we acknowledge that the current systems in the UK are frequently cumbersome.

More problematically, the current environment creates an oppositional rather than a collaborative process, which limits the opportunities that can be realised by working more productively together.

CCT as a group have a simple objective; through better communication, a willingness to engage openly, share ideas and problem solve collaboratively, we are seeking to bring our collective expertise to bear to deliver real world solutions to the development and regeneration challenges faced by many communities throughout the UK.

In the recently published ‘Planning for the Future’ White Paper the government has indicated its intentions to improve planning legislation in England, specifically to streamline and simplify the system and encourage significantly more housing growth.

Through Creating Communities Together (CCT) we have considered the White Paper from each of our professional disciplines and our views are outlined in A response to the White Paper ‘Planning for the Future’.

Download the full response